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Planning Appeals

Can I appeal against a planning decision?

Planning Appeals for planning applications that are refused, can be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate which is based in Bristol and is independent of your Local Council.

Planning Appeals are assessed and decided by Planning Inspectors based on the details submitted in your planning application. This will be accompanied by a supporting appeal statement that we produce and which is the key to the success of planning appeals.

As your planning consultants, we will assess your refused application and advise you on whether to submit an appeal or perhaps suggest a resubmission with suitable modifications so as to overcome the issues raised in the decision notice.

By appointing us as consultants to prepare and submit your planning appeal you can ensure that it has the greatest possible chance of success.

What is the appeal process?

Planning Appeals fall into 3 categories.

1) Written representations  2) Hearings and  3) Inquiries.

We will explain which method is likely to be applicable in your appeal case.

The written representations procedure is normally the simplest, quickest and most straightforward method of making an appeal.

However the final decision on the choice of procedure will be with the Planning Inspector considering the case.

How long have I got to make an appeal against my planning decision?

Planning Appeals are subject to time limits to which you must adhere.

These are as follows,

For householder planning appeals the time limit to appeal is 12 weeks from the date of the notice of the decision.

In other cases, planning appeals should be submitted within six months of the date of the local councils decision notice.

If the local council has fails to make a decision, appeals against non-determination can be submitted up to six months after the expiry of the period the local planning authority had for dealing with the application.

Where an Enforcement notice has been served, planning appeals are required to submitted within 28 days from the date the enforcement notice is served*. (*Please enquire for full details).

How much will it cost for me to make an appeal?

Making an Appeal against a Planning Decision is a complex process. The time and cost of making an appeal depends on how complicated the appeal is.

In most cases once we have discussed the case with you we will be able to provide you with a fixed fee to handle a planning appeal on your behalf.

Our great success in winning planning appeals is a result of our overall approach and focus on the key elements. We examine carefully not just the reasons for refusal given in the decision notice but also the planning officers report compiled before the decision is finally made.

Our attention to detail of all pertinent information available results in planning appeals being given the greatest possible chance of success.

Additionally, although we are Lancashire based planning consultants, because we have dealt with so many different Local Authorities over the years regarding planning applications and planning appeals, it provides a great resource of information at our disposal that can be used as supporting evidence to your planning appeal.

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